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Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Period

 Product Warranty Period
Speakerphone 2 Years
Webcam 1 Year(2-year for RayBit Meeting Capsule)
Headset 1 Year
Accessories 30 Days

2. What is covered by this warranty?

This warranty only applies to orders purchased from

And the warranty period starts from the date you receive the products.


To qualify under the free warranty service, the following conditions are mandatory:
  • The product is within the valid warranty period.
  • You can provide valid proof of purchase(order number, purchase date, invoice, etc).
  • Please clarify the product issue you encountered in the email.

3. RayBit is not liable for:

  • Items whose warranty has expired
  • Purchases without valid proof of purchase
  • Items that have been refunded
  • Free Items
  • Repairs through 3rd parties
  • Non-quality related issues
  • Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)
  • The product was disassembled, modified, or added without authorization except for the suggestions given in the official product guide.

4. Return

RayBit does not support returns because the shipping costs from the United States to China are extremely expensive. I hope you understand!

If there are any problems with the product, you can contact our local service point in the United States for repair.

5. Process

Should any questions during the warranty period, please contact us at

We will try our best to support you.

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