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Wireless Conference Speakerphone Kit POD 7


● Wireless speakerphone kit for medium roomabout 6-20 people

● 4 microphone array with 2 extension mics forvoice pick up range to 10m.

● Hi-fi full band speaker without distortion

● Intelligent audio processing for AEC, AGC, ANS.

● Enduring battery long lasting for more than 8 hours

● Wireless connection, easy and clean.

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RayBit Wireless Speakerphone POD7

Tech Specs

System Configuration:

  • Operating System:Android 9.0
  • CPU: Cortex-A72+Cortex-A53
  • RAM:4GB, ROM:16GB
  • Indicator: Loop rainbow light band;Support customization based onsoftware
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 10M/100M/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4G/5G Dual-Band,Triple antenna

Video Features:

  • Support 1080p@30fps Full HD Video
  • Support 1080P@30fps Projection Screen
  • Hardware encoder H.264
  • Hardware decoder H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9

Video Camera:

  • 4K ePTZ Camera
  • 90°FOV
  • Manual Up and Down 15° Adjustable

Microphone Array:

  • Voice pick up range up to 5 meters
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Auto Gain Control Automatic noise suppression


  • Product size:400mm x 86mm x 78mm
  • Power supply:DC12V@2A
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Application: Enterprises Video Conferencing,Business Negotiations, remote educationand training, Telemedicine and remotemedical consultations.
  • Operating temperature:0~40°C
  • Relative humidity:5~95%, noncondensing
  • Storage temperature:-10~70°C
  • 1 x Security lock slot
  • 1 x Line in/Line out
  • 1 x Power Socket
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet port
  • 1 x RJ45 for Expansion Microphone
  • 2 x HDMI Out
  • 1 x USB
  • 1 x Reset Hole

  • HD X2 Video conference system
  • User Manual
  • Remote Control
  • HDMI Cable, 1.5m
  • AC Adapter
  • Extension microphone(Optional).

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