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RayBit 4 in 1 Video Conference System HDX2

Built-in 4K ePTZ camera:Built-in 4K Eptz HD camera, with 90°field of view and tilt ±15°,everyone in the meeting can be clearly seen.

Built-in Microphone Array:Built-in high-sensitivity microphone array, the pickup distance can reach 5m, suitable for small and medium meeting rooms.

Built-in Hifi speaker:Built-in high-fidelity speakers, and we have professionally processed the high and low sounds, the sound quality is clear.

Support dual screen display:Through dual-screen display, interactive display can be easily realized.

Make it happen, instantly:Simple to operate, just a click to join in communication. With help of whiteboard and document sharing function, just greatly improve our communication efficiency.

Support electronic whiteboard:Write and draw freely, express and share your ideas easily, and improve the efficiency of teamwork.

Easy Installation:The product is small in size, convenient to carry, and simple to install, making it easy to built a meeting room.

5 Meters Pickup Range: HDX2 built-in 4 pickup microphones and voice pickup range up to 5 meters,Make clear and smooth video calls without installing a microphone. With the help of an extension microphone, it is easy to cover a room size of 6*8m, or for 10-15 people.

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