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RayBit All-in-One 4K Ai Auto-Tracking Video Bar

4K ePTZ camera:4K resolution and 4 times digital zoom, 94° wide view angle with automatic color balance, everyone clearly presented in the scene.

Ai:With auto framing and face tracking function,it accurately collects meeting scenes and positioning of figures Clear and natural, rich in detail.

Ai Speaker Tracking:Built-in intelligent analysis algorithm, it will track speaker's voice in real time to frame and keep the speaker at the center of the screen.

Built in microphone:Built- in Microphone for 360° voice pick up radius to 3 meters, wide coverage and clear reception.

Microphone array:Built-in 2 highly sensitive microphone array for 360°voice pickup with radius up to 7m, Wide coverage and clear reception.

Hi-Fi Speaker:Built-in Hi-Fi speaker unit and professional cavity design with inverter tube. It will reduce voice distortion and give more bass which
make us feel real.

Audio 3A algorithm:Audio 3A algorithm for accurate noise reduction,
Echo cancellation, AGC automatic gain.

Built in phase inversion hole:Phase inversion hole improves sound quality,
Excellent audio performance.

Works with most video conferencing applications:Compatible with most of video conferencing software app, like Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx and so on.

Plug-and-play USB connectivity:Built-in 1.8 meters long USB cable, plug-and-play with any PC or UC platform.

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